SeaPort-e points of contact

Engineering, Technical & Programmatic Support Services

Contract Number:

Clients: Center for Surface Combat Systems

Contract Period of Performance:
July 15, 2012 – April 4, 2019

Program Ceiling:
$69.5 Billion
(including award term option)

Available Order Types: CPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPI

Technical and Programmatic
Contracting Officer:
Gary Ryals
Operations Manager
Phone: 303-768-8577
Fax: 303-768-85

Customer Satisfaction
Frankie Friend
Phone: 303-589-0579
Fax: 303-768-8575



Quality Assurance

FFA will, as they have done on other contracts, provide, implement, and abide by a formal Quality Control Plan (QCP).  It is the intent and expectation of FFA management that all FFA employees and subcontractors and their employees, achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in all endeavors on behalf of the FFA Team.  A commitment to the highest standards of quality will foster consistency, integration, and disciplined control in all work performed.  Achieving quality objectives requires a concerted and consistent effort on the part of all staff.  Therefore, all FFA employees and Subcontractors individually, and collectively, will be responsible for complying with the requirements of a formal and well-define QCP.

FFA will assign a Quality Control Manager and all FFA Managers and Subcontractors will ensure that quality program requirements are adhered to, will encourage the identification of technical and/or administrative problems, and will participate in their resolution.  FFA management is responsible for proper implementation of the quality program.  All individual staff members are responsible for the quality of their work.  Implementation of the quality program will include consideration of the technical, as well as administrative, aspects of activities affecting quality.  Quality program implementation is based on the premise that the quality controls selected for each element of work are consistent with the risk, complexity, duration, importance, and health and safety considerations of that element of work.  Therefore, quality program implementation will be based on a graded approach.

The FFA Corporate Quality Assurance Manager supports the CPM by generating the data required for meaningful decision-making, management action, and contract oversight.  Management will provide the resources necessary to ensure that all staff are familiar with the requirements of the QCP and are trained in all procedures applicable to their work.  Senior management will adequately empower the staff to plan, implement, assess, and improve work processes and the QCP.  Senior management will ensure that stop work standards are established and that stop work authority, in conjunction with customer policies, is defined and delegated.

Each FFA and Subcontractor employee will have understanding of the Quality Assurance Evaluation process and work toward attainment of 100% in all of the performance thresholds.  We use continuous performance monitoring, open lines of communication, and contingency planning to mitigate issues.  Even with the best- laid plans, issues may occur. We respond immediately to client concerns and take prompt corrective action.  Our issue resolution process is predicated on clear staff responsibility/authority. Limited management layers and defined expectations make our process particularly effective.  Generally, our CPM is the first manager who responds to an issue.  She communicates to the COR the status of issues that can potentially impact performance.  Notably our entire project staff is trained to be first-level issue solvers; i.e., anyone encountering an issue is empowered to fix it or elevate it to a higher level of authority for resolution.  Situations requiring immediate attention from a higher level aren’t required to go through each escalation step; we will respond accordingly to ensure prompt, proactive resolution.